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Woodsist. Big Sur, California. 

The fifth installment of folkYEAH's Woodsist, a two day festival at the Henry Miller Library in Big Sur. Lay down yer blanket, warm your soul with a Four Barrel pour over and watch the Redwoods that surround sink into the evening sky. The most laid back, best sounding festival I’ve ever attended. 

Bands in order of appearance: 

Angel Olsen
Little Wings
Ben (the vinyl lubrication through out the fest) 
White Fence w/ Ty Segall 
White Fence
The Mad Alchemy Projectionists at work. 
Real Estate

Johnny & Ocean. Santa Barbara, CA. May 2014. 35mm. 

hear Johnny’s music here

Offshore. Santa Barbara, CA. April, 2014

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Wings spread, gravity defied. Travers Adler. Santa Barbara, CA. April, 2014.

Daniel Hedden, full gallop. Santa Barbara, CA. April, 2014. 

Travers Adler. Night moves. Santa Barbara, CA. April 2014. 

Surfing by day is preferred by most, but when the responsibilities of life hijack your sunny afternoons, or maybe you’re just tired of the crowds dampening your groove- the night provides. Here’s Travers Adler, a man of much talent on the surfboard, navigating dark but desolate oceans on a tuesday night in Santa Barbara. 

Surfcraft: 5’6” thruster by Shawn Stussy a.k.a S/Double

Daniel Hedden. Big Sur, CA. March 2014. 35mm. 

Big Sur, CA. Spring ‘14 (3/3)

Final installment of time spent up north: Daniel Hedden, my younger brother. He’s got twice the power in his carves and ability to attract ladies. A real stand up fella- equipped with a flip phone and quality handshake that’ll blow your social networking outta the water. 

Spencer Gordon. Big Sur, CA. March 2014. 35mm. 

Big Sur, CA. Spring ‘14 (2/3)

The second installment of time spent up north: Spencer Gordon was among the mix of good smiles. He comes from a family well seasoned in adventure. Although similar in demeanor and thirst for the outdoors as his older brother Trevor, Spencer takes a different approach to waves; spending most his time in the pocket, hanging off the nose. This was a unique day of stubby, twin-fin racing on a John Wesley with mismatched fins. 

Tosh ClementsBig Sur, CA. March 2014. 35mm. 

Big Sur, CA. Spring ‘14 (1/3)

A few weeks ago my brother and I ventured north to meet up with some friends. The weather prevailed, and so did the waves. Tosh Clements was among the crew we met- a photographer based out of Santa Barbara, CA with a background in surfing and cycling. With summer on the horizon, warm times like these will continue to flow. Enjoy and -listen to this-.

Surf craft featured: John Wesley Spacepin.  

Birthday Troy. w/ Troy MothersheadSunday. 2014. Ventura, CA. 35mm.